Training and professions

Our training mission and policy

GIM helps companies in the Paris region to cope with their needs in terms of skills by favouring the orientation of young people towards the professions of the technological industries on the one hand, and by providing vocational training through its training network made up CFAIs (Industrial Apprentice Training Centres) and ITII (Industrial Engineers Technical Institute) on the other hand.

GIM is the guarantor of the joint metallurgy qualifications validation scheme in the Paris region and helps companies to choose professional qualifications, organises the joint deliberation juries, and constructs the activity and certification baselines in the professional branch at the national level.

By delegation from the Metallurgy CPNE (National Joint Commission for Employment), GIM accomplishes a mission that is both technical and political in the area of vocational training.

The training network

The Île-de-France Technological Industries Training Centre helps industrial companies to train their employees: AFORP, AFTI, CEFIPA, MECAVENIR.
GIM takes part in various organisations involved in the area of training:

» The Ministry of Employment’s industry
consultative professional commissions
» The Ministry of National Education’s metallurgical
consultative professional commissions
» National Professional Licence expertise commissions
» High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education

» Education Offices of the Versailles, Paris
and Créteil Education Authorities
» Île-de-France FONGECIF training organisation
» Île-de-France Regional Council
» COPAREF (ex COPIRE) Joint regional inter-professional employment
and training council
» Boards of secondary and higher education establishments
» Joint organisations for training through the National Joint Technical “Qualifications”, “Transfer” and “Observatories” Groups set up by UIMM.

The people we work with

GIM bears the message of the companies that it represents and expresses their needs and expectations in the area of training.
GIM is regularly associated with working groups and meetings organised by the various players in our socio-economic life:
Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Regional Council, Regional Préfecture, General Council, Préfectures,
Local Authorities, DIRECCTE (Regional Enterprise, Competition, Consumer, Work and Employment Department)…




Headcount breakdown
per training level:
Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 and lower




GIM’s other partners

GIM takes part in the 
funding of training courses 
through the intermediary of
ADEFIM-IDFOPCAIM‘s regional relay, which collects the training contributions from companies and ensures the funding of training projects for metallurgy companies.

Furthermore, GIM is
closely associated with the
creation and functioning
of training establishments

that offer courses related to the activities of industrial companies:
CFA CERFAL, CFA Paris académie entreprise, CFA V3A, CFA Gustave Eiffel, Lycée Jules Richard,
Les Frères Moreau Vocational Training School, etc.

(CFA = Adult Training Centre)