Social commitment


The ‘Acting for integration in industry’ (A2i) fund

The A2i fund was created at the end of 2009 by UIMM, and aims to facilitate integration in the industrial professions of people distanced from employment. It accomplishes three general-interest missions:
» combatting exclusion from the jobs market by building pathways to employment;>
» promoting diversity within companies;
» contributing to resolving the recruitment difficulties encountered by the industry.

A2i is chaired by Anne Lauvergeon, former President & CEO of the Areva nuclear power group.



The ‘Fund for innovation in industry’ (F2i)

Set up by UIMM in partnership with FIM (Federation of Mechanical Industries) and FIEEC (Federation of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Industries) in 2010, this endowment fund supports SMEs in their innovation initiatives, in partnership with higher education and research establishments.
F2i is chaired by Georges Jobard, President of Clextral.


Employment and disabilities,
actions and services

GIM’s disability mission has existed since 1989, 25 years of legal intelligence and advice provided to its member companies, legitimising its position today as an acknowledged player in the area of disabilities with companies, institutions and associations.


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