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Industrial company employment opportunities

Industrial companies may publish job offers.
GIM’s member companies can benefit from made-to-measure advice and tools to facilitate their search for skills and qualified personnel thanks to the Job Board integrated in the website (more than 130,000 visitors every month).

This tool makes it possible to simplify your search for specific types of contracts, receive job applications, consult the CV library, publish external mobility profiles for personnel and work-study apprentices, and benefit from a match between these profiles and the current job offers.


Professional observatory

Set up in 2004 in the framework of the Metallurgy CPNE (National Joint Commission for Employment), the goal of the Joint Prospective and Analysis Observatory for the Metallurgical Sector Professions and Qualifications is to identify the metallurgical industry’s professions and qualifications, their developments, their needs in terms of skills and practices observed in the area of hiring and mobility.

It brings together the metallurgy employers’ and union organisations:
» UIMM, Union of Metallurgy Industries and Professions
» C.F.D.T., General Federation of Mine and Metallurgy Workers
» CFE-CGC, Federation of Metallurgy Industry Managers, Supervisors and Technicians
» C.F.T.C. National Federation of Metallurgy Unions and Assimilated Sectors
» C.G.T., Federation of Metallurgy Workers
» Confederated FO Metallurgy Federation

It carries out or has carried out studies and analysis making it possible to determine
the branch’s priority orientations
(training, definition of job and skills forecasting management tools).
The Observatory carries out specific studies and analysis on the quantitative evolution and content of the industrial professions and sectors, taking into account the latest developments, particularly in technological and demographic terms.
These studies may be sector- and/or regionally-based.

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The Metallurgy

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